Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

This documentation is only relevant when using the Classic Remix Compiler. If you're using Remix Vite, Vanilla Extract can be integrated using the Vanilla Extract Vite plugin.

Vanilla Extract is a zero-runtime CSS-in-TypeScript (or JavaScript) library that lets you use TypeScript as your CSS preprocessor. Styles are written in separate *.css.ts (or *.css.js) files and all code within them is executed during the build process rather than in your user's browser. If you want to keep your CSS bundle size to a minimum, Vanilla Extract also provides an official library called Sprinkles that lets you define a custom set of utility classes and a type-safe function for accessing them at runtime.

To use the built-in Vanilla Extract support, first ensure you've set up CSS bundling in your application.

Then, install Vanilla Extract's core styling package as a dev dependency.

npm install -D @vanilla-extract/css

You can then opt into Vanilla Extract via the .css.ts/.css.js file name convention. For example:

import { style } from "@vanilla-extract/css";

export const root = style({
  border: "solid 1px",
  background: "white",
  color: "#454545",
import * as styles from "./styles.css"; // Note that `.ts` is omitted here

export const Button = React.forwardRef(
  ({ children, ...props }, ref) => {
    return (
Button.displayName = "Button";
Docs and examples licensed under MIT