Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract is a zero-runtime CSS-in-TypeScript (or JavaScript) library that lets you use TypeScript as your CSS preprocessor. Styles are written in separate *.css.ts (or *.css.js) files and all code within them is executed during the build process rather than in your user's browser. If you want to keep your CSS bundle size to a minimum, Vanilla Extract also provides an official library called Sprinkles that lets you define a custom set of utility classes and a type-safe function for accessing them at runtime.

To use the built-in Vanilla Extract support, first ensure you've set up CSS bundling in your application.

Then, install Vanilla Extract's core styling package as a dev dependency.

npm install -D @vanilla-extract/css

You can then opt into Vanilla Extract via the .css.ts/.css.js file name convention. For example:

import { style } from "@vanilla-extract/css";

export const root = style({
  border: "solid 1px",
  background: "white",
  color: "#454545",
import * as styles from "./styles.css"; // Note that `.ts` is omitted here

export const Button = React.forwardRef(
  ({ children, ...props }, ref) => {
    return (
Button.displayName = "Button";
Docs and examples licensed under MIT