We work hard to keep the Remix community a friendly place where people want to hang out, help, and be helped. We're all here just trying to build great websites and make the web better.

To that end, please keep in mind our code of conduct.

  • Remix Discord - A great place to have conversations, ask and answer questions, all about Remix.

  • GitHub Discussions - This is the best place to propose changes to Remix. The team uses it to gauge interest and understand use cases.

  • Remix Twitter - Tips, updates, and news about Remix from the team.

  • Examples - Dozens of Remix examples from the team and community.

  • Remix Conf - A yearly conference all about Remix with talks primarily from the community.

  • Remix Mailing List - Not-so-regular email from the Remix team letting you know what the team is up to.

  • Meetups - There are Remix Meetups all over the world with thousands of members. Some online, some in person, and some a hybrid of the two.

  • Remix Guide - A wonderful community site that gathers together everything that's going on in the Remix ecosystem: online courses, blog posts, app templates, events and more.

  • Moulton - Community Remix newsletter

  • Releases on GitHub - Not a bad idea to subscribe to Remix releases, so you know what's coming.

Docs and examples licensed under MIT