Remix Conf Schedule

Get ready for some amazing UX/DX goodness at Remix Conf!
(This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to change).

May 25th: Conference

9:00am - 4:30pm (This schedule may change.)
TimeTalk Details
7:30 AM

Breakfast & Registration 🍞 🥚 🥞 🍳 🍵 🥣 🥓 🍩

A delicious hot breakfast is hosted in the hotel next to the conference room. If you didn't register the day before, now's the time to get your swag bag and lanyard!

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

Ceora FordDetails

Ceora will get us oriented on important logistics for the conference.

9:10 AM


Michael JacksonDetails

Michael will kick the inaugural Remix Conference off!

9:35 AM

How To WebPageTest

Henri HelveticaDetails

You cannot improve what you do not measure, and measuring page performance is at the heart of providing marvellous user experiences. "How To WebPageTest" is a talk where I will demonstrate how modern profiling using WebPageTest will provide the best insights. I'll show you tips and tricks on how…

10:00 AM

Instantaneously Interactive: Remix as a Browser Framework

Shaundai PersonDetails

Your Remix app is so performant that–even without a solid internet connection–navigation on your site seems to happen almost instantaneously. Whether rendered on the client side or server side, pages load data quickly and all the information you users are interested in is on the screen without th…

10:25 AM

State Machines On The Edge

Erik RasmussenDetails

Modeling business logic with state machines has numerous benefits, from eliminating bugs caused by impossible states to visualizing the logic to communicate with non-technical shareholders to simply communicating user flow between technical colleagues. In this talk, I'm going to demonstrate, via…

10:50 AM

☕ Morning Break

These breaks are extra long to give you time to visit with other attendees! Take advantage of that!

11:15 AM

Remixing Hydrogen

Anthony FrehnerDetails

Let's talk about some of the headaches of building headless Shopify e-commerce stores, and how Hydrogen-UI + Remix make it better. Pre-built Shopify components? Check. GraphQL auto-completion? Oh yeah. Speedy websites? Blazing fast.

11:40 AM

Deno and Remix

Ryan DahlDetails

In this talk Ryan will give an overview of Deno, a modern JavaScript runtime, and Deno Deploy, a serverless at edge JavaScript hosting service. He'll give a peak behind the sceenes at the technology powering Deno Deploy, and of course demo how to deploy a Remix app on it.

12:05 PM

Remix 3D Blast

Nick SmallDetails

Whether you want to progressively enhance a traditional website or build an immersive 3D experience, Remix gives us a powerful and fun framework to create with WebGL and three.js. After deploying a 3D Remix experience to production, I've found that all the patterns that Remix provides are just as…

12:10 PM

Web Vitals: The importance of measuring a user great web experience

Erick TamayoDetails

Nowadays, building a working web application is much more than deploying it to production. The impact on the way your app is delivered to your end-users is also important.

Making your app experience better translates into more engagement, conversions, and revenue. That's why it is also vital (pu…

12:15 PM

Making slow responses seem fast with stale-while-revalidate

Scott SmerchekDetails

The Cache-Control header has been around since HTTP/1.1 in 1997, yet for many of us, it's not something we think about every day. The stale-while-revalidate extension was proposed as early as 2010, but was only widely supported in modern browsers in 2019. In this talk, I will show you the power o…

12:20 PM

Lunch 🥪 🌮 🥘 🍣 🥗 🍐 🌯 🥒 🍝 🌭 🥩 🍜 🦐 🥨 🥟 🍕 🥙 🍔 🍚 🍱 🍛 🍲 🍢

You'll get a pre-paid card and directions to various local restaurants. The lunch break is extra long so you can take the opportunity to get to know other attendees (and to give you time to get to and from a local restaurant to enjoy). Take advantage of the time! But make it back for the afternoon of talks.

2:25 PM

Building tech for social good with low-code tools

Vic VijayakumarDetails

In this talk we are going to be talking about how to build hybrid apps that use a combination of frameworks like Remix and mixing them with no-code backends like Zapier and Airtable, so that they can be managed and modified by non-technical people.

I will specifically go over how I replaced the admissions process at my children's preschool with a website and made them paperfree.

2:30 PM

Expanding Remix with Rust

Ben WishovichDetails

Remix's unique use of Loader and Action functions offers the unique opportunity to expand your data processing with Rust. Rust offers near native performance, memory safety through either the Node FFI or via compilation into WebAssembly. Learn the tricks to setup your Rust project to work with Re…

2:35 PM

Full Stack Fast: Data on the Edge

Greg BrimbleDetails

Why force your users to settle for either loading skeletons or slow page renders? Remix can bring your application rendering to the edge, but what about your data? Why should every request have to call back to a single database cluster in Virginia? For the best performance and experience for your…

2:45 PM

Remix your UI & UX to another level

Arisa FukuzakiDetails

Build performant web apps with a full-stack framework, Remix. Remix focuses on the UI to enjoy fast & resilient UX. Experience the "Remix magic" that enables no fetching & pre-fetch all in parallel before users make actions. As Remix focuses on UI & UX, why not share the "Remix magic" with the bu…

3:10 PM

Magically create forms + actions with Remix Forms

Daniel WeinmannDetails

One of the beautiful things about Remix is how easy it is to enhance it to make our lives easier. In this talk, I'll show you how I built Remix Forms and how I use it to:

  • Code only the parts of my forms that stray from our standard UI. The rest is magically r…
3:35 PM

Incremental Remix

Jon JensenDetails

Remix is fantastic for building brand-new apps. But the truth is most of us are slogging away on crusty old ones. How can we incorporate Remix into our stacks without rewriting everything? And how can we effectively sell our teams on the benefits of adoption? In this talk we'll explore some strategies that will let you gradually adopt Remix, progressively enhancing your tech stack.

4:00 PM

☕ Afternoon Break

This is the last break of the day. Take some deep breaths!

4:25 PM

Outstanding Search Experiences with Remix and Algolia

Sarah DayanDetails

Outstanding search starts with two principles: immediate feedback and relevant results. Search-as-you-type experiences have become the standard since Google introduced Google Suggest and Google Instant on their search page in the 2000s. Users not only love the immediate feedback of instant experi…

4:50 PM

Switching to Remix at Neighbor

Dennis BeattyDetails

Neighbor is a marketplace that allows you to make extra cash by storing your neighbors' things in your extra space. After several years of using a standard React frontend generated by create-react-app, we've decided to move to Remix. I will discuss some of the crazy things we've done at Neighbor…

5:15 PM

Closing Remarks

Ceora FordDetails

Ceora will help us wrap and thank you for coming!

The conference will be live streamed and recordings of all the talks will be uploaded to YouTube soon after the event.

After Party

7:00pm - 10:00pm

After a full day of stellar talks, relax and have fun with fellow Remix enthusiasts, speakers, and sponsors at our official Remix after-party (same venue). We are busy planning all the details to ensure there is a little fun for everyone to enjoy... more information coming soon.