Greg Brimble

Greg Brimble

Systems Engineer at Cloudflare


Greg is a Systems Engineer at Cloudflare working on Cloudflare Pages in the Emerging Technologies and Incubation department. Cloudflare Pages is a full-stack developer platform and they were very excited to add support for Remix at the end of last year.

Before Pages, Greg worked with Cloudflare's Speed Team where he learned to appreciate the Network tab of DevTools. Greg has also contributed to the Web Almanac and numerous open-source projects, and, most importantly, he has his fingers crossed for enough snow to go skiing after Remix Conf! ⛷

Full Stack Fast: Data on the Edge

Why force your users to settle for either loading skeletons or slow page renders? Remix can bring your application rendering to the edge, but what about your data? Why should every request have to call back to a single database cluster in Virginia? For the best performance and experience for your users, store your data on the edge, alongside the rest of your application.

We'll discuss how the original colocated server and database configuration worked, how it evolved with Jamstack, improved with next-gen data services, and how today's technology supports a new architecture altogether. But distributed systems are notoriously hard to design for, and edge-based storage is no different, with the challenges of synchronicity being a particularly difficult problem. I'll highlight the benefits of edge-based storage, how it compares to the other options, and I'll showcase a truly global Remix application built with Cloudflare's KV, Durable Objects and R2.