Scott Smerchek

Scott Smerchek

Software Engineer at UDisc


Scott's a software engineer with over a decade of experience building web applications for healthcare enterprises from frontend, to APIs, and even infrastructure. Now Scott works at UDisc, a quickly growing disc golf company that is pushing the sport forward through technology. Scott's always favored working in the backend, but Remix is helping him to enjoy working across the full stack, once again. He's incredibly excited about the future of building web applications with Remix and the ease of deploying to the modern edge hosting providers.

Making slow responses seem fast with stale-while-revalidate

The Cache-Control header has been around since HTTP/1.1 in 1997, yet for many of us, it's not something we think about every day. The stale-while-revalidate extension was proposed as early as 2010, but was only widely supported in modern browsers in 2019. In this talk, I will show you the power of stale-while-revalidate and how you can take advantage of it in your Remix project to make your slow responses seem really fast!