Sarah Dayan

Sarah Dayan

Staff Software Engineer at Algolia


Sarah is a Staff Software Engineer from Paris, France who works on front-end search experiences at Algolia.

She created the Dinero.js monetary library and hosts the Developer Experience podcast show. She's passionate about building dynamic front-end experiences, and won't shut up about TDD and utility-first CSS. She shares what she learns on her blog and at tech conferences around the world.

Outstanding Search Experiences with Remix and Algolia

Outstanding search starts with two principles: immediate feedback and relevant results. Search-as-you-type experiences have become the standard since Google introduced Google Suggest and Google Instant on their search page in the 2000s. Users not only love the immediate feedback of instant experiences, they expect it. They also expect search to be excellent at understanding their intent, even when they misspell or forget words. Services like Algolia are designed to deliver instant, as-you-type, relevant results right from the first keystrokes. But what happens when the user's network is slow? What's relevant when the user didn't express intent yet? In this talk, we'll see how you can combine Algolia's client-side search with the power of Remix's server runtime to create snappy and delightful yet reliable and resilient search experiences that serve everyone.