Daniel Weinmann

Daniel Weinmann

Founder and CEO at Seasoned


In order to bring his startups to life, Daniel had to go through a 9-year journey to become the technical founder and CTO he needed in his teams. However, his real passion has always been the non-technical way, and having to spend his days coding took a toll on him.

When Daniel was finally able to come back to the business side, he had a secret weapon: in his struggles to leave the technical life behind, he gained a deep understanding of what it takes for a non-technical founder to create successful startups.

Beyond his own journey, he's helped tons of founders build world-class products over the last 20+ years. Along the way, he was CEO, CMO, and CTO of many startups. Daniel has also founded a few successful ones himself, including Mailee, which was sold to a Brazilian internet provider, and Catarse, the biggest crowdfunding platform in Latin America.

Magically create forms + actions with Remix Forms

One of the beautiful things about Remix is how easy it is to enhance it to make our lives easier. In this talk, I'll show you how I built Remix Forms and how I use it to:

  • Code only the parts of my forms that stray from our standard UI. The rest is magically rendered for me.
  • Never have to think again about client-side + server-side validations, pending indicators, and focus management (with focus on the first field with error even for server-side failures!)
  • Get form data, validate values, redirect or return errors with one helper. I focus on the mutation, not on the wiring.
  • Catch any typo or mistake right away with bulletproof typing, even for custom inputs.
  • Enjoy the autocomplete magic that comes along with it :)