Nick Small

Nick Small

JavaScript Developer

Nick is a long-time dev of many disciplines: JavaScript, full-stack, native, operating systems, game dev. He's motivated by improving people's lives by finding really bad software in consequential places and making it better. Nick's been an early employee at mission-driven companies like Shopify and Devoted Health; empowered citizens and civil servants at US Digital Service, Defense Digital Service, and the NATO mission in Afghanistan; and volunteered on projects to strengthen democracy and build municipal Open Data pipelines.

These days Nick lives in the mountains with his wife and kids, and he's focused on tooling to let more people write more accessible software with fewer bugs. Go Remix. Active hobbies include: constructing crosswords (poorly), flying planes (successfully) (so far), building better houses (fingers crossed).

Remix 3D Blast

Whether you want to progressively enhance a traditional website or build an immersive 3D experience, Remix gives us a powerful and fun framework to create with WebGL and three.js. After deploying a 3D Remix experience to production, I've found that all the patterns that Remix provides are just as valuable even when we're not rendering to the DOM. In this talk, I'll show off some zany 3D antics to explain how Remix and react-three-fiber can work together to help you build fantastic experiences for your users.

We'll focus on: getting react-three-fiber set up in a Remix app; using nested routes and layouts to render a scene; moving scene state to the server with loaders and actions; streaming dynamic 3D resources to the client using resource routes; and finally, transitions and optimistic UI... in 3D! 💿 Rachel the Remix Disc will offer some nifty optimization tips along the way.

It'll be a GL-and-web-fundamentals-fuelled blast!