Remix Resources

Made by the community, for the community

npx create-remix-saas@latest

FeaturedRemix SaaS

A Lightweight, Production-Ready Remix Stack for your next SaaS Application.

npm install remix-utils

Remix Utils

A set of utility functions and types to use with

npm install remix-auth

Remix Auth

Simple Authentication for Remix

npm install @conform-to/react @conform-to/zod --save


A type-safe form validation library utilizing web fundamentals to progressively enhance HTML Forms with full support for server frameworks like Remix and Next.js.

npm install remix-development-tools -D

Remix Dev Tools

Own your apps with these development tools.

npm install -D remix-flat-routes

Remix Flat Routes

Remix package to define routes using the flat-routes convention

npx remix-pwa@latest init

Remix PWA

An ecosystem of lightweight packages and helpers to integrate full PWA features into Remix 💿

npm install remix-i18next i18next react-i18next i18next-browser-languagedetector


The easiest way to translate your Remix apps

npm install remix-forms

Remix Forms

The full-stack form library for Remix and React Router

npm install remix-routes


Typesafe routing for your Remix apps.

npm install remix-auth-totp

Remix Auth TOTP

A Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) Authentication Strategy for Remix-Auth.

npm install remix-hono

Remix + Hono

Hono middlewares for Remix

npm install @mcansh/remix-fastify fastify @fastify/static

Remix Fastify

Fastify server request handler for Remix

npm install remix-toast


Server side implementation of toast notifications in Remix

npm install remix-auth-oauth2

Remix Auth OAuth2 Strategy

A OAuth2Strategy for Remix Auth

npm install remix-client-cache


Utility library to cache your client data in

npm install remix-auth-auth0

Remix Auth Auth0 Strategy

An Auth0Strategy for Remix Auth, based on the OAuth2Strategy

npm install @epic-web/remember


Simple, type-safe, "singleton" implementation.

npm install remix-auth remix-auth-form

Remix Auth Form Strategy

A Remix Auth strategy for working with forms.

npm install remix-auth remix-auth-webauthn

Remix Auth WebAuthn Strategy

A Remix Auth strategy for signing in with Web Authentication passkeys.

npm install remix-auth remix-auth-github

Remix Auth GitHub Strategy

A GitHubStrategy for Remix Auth, based on the OAuth2Strategy

npm install remix-auth-microsoft remix-auth remix-auth-oauth2

Remix Auth Microsoft Strategy

Microsoft authentication strategy for remix-auth

npm install remix-json-routes

Remix JSON Routes

A Remix package to allow custom route definition via JSON or React elements

npx @inlang/paraglide-js init && npm i remix-paraglidejs @inlang/paraglide-js-adapter-vite


remix utils and examples to work with paraglidejs

npm install @mcansh/vite-svg-sprite-plugin


this vite plugin will transform any imported svg files and combine them into a cachable svg sprite sheet

npm install @mcansh/http-helmet

HTTP Helmet

easily add CSP and other security headers to your web application.