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Remix PWA is a PWA framework that seamlessly integrates Progressive Web App (PWA) features into Remix including offline support, caching, installability on Native devices and more.

Remix PWA v3.0 is finally out! Check out the full release notes here


  • Integrates Progressive Web App (PWA) features into Remix including offline support, caching, installability on Native devices and more.
  • Automatic caching for build files and static files.
  • Safely handles uncached loader calls without affecting other sections of the site (i.e Throws user to nearest Error boundary without disrupting Service Workers)

Check out the new documentation for the full list of features and more!

Table Of Content

Getting Started


To integrate PWA features into your Remix App with remix-pwa, run the following command to get started with PWA goodness:

npx remix-pwa@latest init

To check out remix-pwa flags, run:

npx remix-pwa@latest -h

to view the commands

Refer to the docs for a detailed explanation of the CLI installation process.

Upgrade Guide

To upgrade to the latest v3.0 version of remix-pwa, check out the upgrade guide in the docs.

Setting up Remix for PWA

Check out the quickstart guide in the docs for a detailed walkthrough on how to set up your Remix app for PWA.

If you want to lay your hands on demo icons and favicons for your PWA, remix-pwa got you covered with sample icons. Simply delete the favicon.ico in your public folder and add the following links to your root file, above the <Links /> tag.

API Documentation

The API documentation for Remix PWA v3.0 is now available here

To view old docs for remix-pwa v2.x.x, check here

To view the old docs for remix-pwa v1.1.10 and below, check here


Thank you for your interest in contributing 🙂. Check out the contributing guide to ensure you follow the right steps in contributing to remix-pwa.

You can also help out with the docs too which is definitely a great way to contribute to the project and also help with it's completion


If you want to get help on an issue or have a question, you could either open an issue or you could ask your questions in the Official Remix's Discord Server where there are a lot of helpful people to help you out.

Check out the docs for more info on community support.


Check out the FAQ section of the docs for answers to frequently asked questions.


Check out https://github.com/remix-pwa/monorepo for the full Remix PWA v3.0 source code.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details.