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Remix Releases

This page lists all releases/release notes for Remix back to v2.0.0. For releases prior to v2, please refer to the Github Releases Page.

We manage release notes in this file instead of the paginated Github Releases Page for 2 reasons:

  • Pagination in the Github UI means that you cannot easily search release notes for a large span of releases at once
  • The paginated Github interface also cuts off longer releases notes without indication in list view, and you need to click into the detail view to see the full set of release notes
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Date: 2024-05-10

What's Changed

Updated Type-Safety for Single Fetch

In 2.9.2 we've enhanced the type-safety when opting into the future.unstable_singleFetch feature. Previously, we added the response stub to LoaderFunctionArgs and used type overrides for inference on useLoaderData, etc., but we found that it wasn't quite enough.

With this release we're introducing new functions to assist the type-inference when using single fetch - defineLoader/defineAction and their client-side counterparts defineClientLoader and nd defineClientAction. These are identity functions; they don't modify your loader or action at runtime. Rather, they exist solely for type-safety by providing types for args and by ensuring valid return types.

export let loader = defineLoader(({ request }) => {
  //                                ^? Request
  return { a: 1, b: () => 2 };
  //           ^ type error: `b` is not serializable

Note that defineLoader and defineAction are not technically necessary for defining loaders and actions if you aren't concerned with type-safety:

// this totally works! and typechecking is happy too!
export let loader = () => {
  return { a: 1 };

This means that you can opt-in to defineLoader incrementally, one loader at a time.

Please see the Single Fetch docs for more information.

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix dest already exists error when running remix vite:build (#9305)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix issue resolving critical CSS during development when route files are located outside of the app directory (#9194)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Remove @remix-run/node from Vite plugin's optimizeDeps.include list since it was unnecessary and resulted in Vite warnings when not depending on this package (#9287)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Clean up redundant ?client-route=1 imports in development (#9395)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Ensure Babel config files are not referenced when applying the react-refresh Babel transform within the Remix Vite plugin (#9241)
  • @remix-run/react - Type-safety for single-fetch: defineLoader, defineClientLoader, defineAction, defineClientAction (#9372)
  • @remix-run/react - Single Fetch: Add undefined to useActionData type override (#9322)
  • @remix-run/react - Single Fetch: Allow a nonce to be set on single fetch stream transfer inline scripts via <RemixServer> (#9364)
  • @remix-run/server-runtime - Single Fetch: Don't log thrown response stubs via handleError (#9369)
  • @remix-run/server-runtime - Single Fetch: Automatically wrap resource route naked object returns in json() for back-compat in v2 (and log deprecation warning) (#9349)
  • @remix-run/server-runtime - Single Fetch: Pass response stub to resource route handlers (#9349)

Updated Dependencies

Changes by Package

Full Changelog: v2.9.1...v2.9.2


Date: 2024-04-24

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/dev - Fix issue where consumers who had added Remix packages to Vite's ssr.noExternal option were being overridden by the Remix Vite plugin adding Remix packages to Vite's ssr.external option (#9301)
  • @remix-run/react - Ignore future/*.d.ts files from TS build (#9299)

Changes by Package

Full Changelog: v2.9.0...v2.9.1


Date: 2024-04-23

What's Changed

Single Fetch (unstable)

2.9.0 introduces a future.unstable_singleFetch flag to enable to Single Fetch behavior (RFC) in your Remix application. Please refer to the docs for the full detail but the high-level changes to be aware of include:

  • Naked objects returned from loader/action functions are no longer automatically serialized to JSON responses
    • Instead, they'll be streamed as-is via turbo-stream which allows direct serialization of more complex types such as Promise, Date, Map instances, and more
    • You will need to modify your tsconfig.json's compilerOptions.types array to infer types properly when using Single Fetch
  • The headers export is no longer used when Single Fetch is enabled in favor of a new response stub passed to your loader/action functions
  • The json/defer/redirect utilities are deprecated when using Single Fetch (but still work mostly the same)
  • Actions no longer automatically revalidate on 4xx/5xx responses - you can return a 2xx to opt-into revalidation or use shouldRevalidate

[!IMPORTANT] Single Fetch requires using undici as your fetch polyfill, or using the built-in fetch on Node 20+, because it relies on APIs available there but not in the @remix-run/web-fetch polyfill. Please refer to the Undici section below for more details.

  • If you are managing your own server and calling installGlobals(), you will need to call installGlobals({ nativeFetch: true }) to avoid runtime errors when using Single Fetch
  • If you are using remix-serve, it will use undici automatically if Single Fetch is enabled


Remix 2.9.0 adds a new installGlobals({ nativeFetch: true }) flag to opt into using undici for the Web Fetch polyfills instead of the @remix-run/web-* packages. This change has a few primary benefits:

  • It will allow us to stop maintaining our own web-std-io fork in future versions of Remix
  • It should bring us more in-line with spec compliance
    • ⚠️ It is possible that some non-spec-compliant bugs in our fork will be "fixed" by moving to undici, so beware of "breaking bug fixes" and keep an eye on any advanced fetch API interactions you're performing in your app
    • ⚠️ In some cases, undici may have different behavior by design -- most notably, undici's garbage collection behavior differs and you are required to consume all fetch response bodies to avoid a memory leak in your app
  • Because undici is the fetch implementation used by node internally, it should better prepare Remix apps to more smoothly drop the polyfill to use the built-in Node.js APIs on node 20+

Minor Changes

  • New future.unstable_singleFetch flag (#8773, #9073, #9084, #9272)
  • @remix-run/node - Add a new installGlobals({ nativeFetch: true }) flag to opt-into using undici as the fetch polyfill instead of @remix-run/web-* (#9106, #9111, #9198)
  • @remix-run/server-runtime - Add ResponseStub header interface and deprecate the headers export when Single Fetch is enabled (#9142)

Patch Changes

  • create-remix - Allow . in repo name when using --template flag (#9026)
  • @remix-run/dev - Improve getDependenciesToBundle resolution in monorepos (#8848)
  • @remix-run/dev - Fix SPA mode when Single Fetch is enabled by using streaming entry.server (#9063)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: added sourcemap support for transformed routes (#8970)
  • @remix-run/dev - Update links printed to the console by the Remix CLI/Dev Server to point to updated docs locations (#9176)
  • @remix-run/server-runtime - Handle redirects created by handleDataRequest (#9104)

Updated Dependencies

Changes by Package

Full Changelog: v2.8.1...v2.9.0


Date: 2024-03-07

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Support reading from Vite config when running remix reveal and remix routes CLI commands (#8916)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Clean up redundant client route query strings on route JavaScript files in production builds (#8969)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add vite commands to Remix CLI --help output (#8939)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix support for build.sourcemap option in Vite config (#8965)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix error when using Vite's server.fs.allow option without a client entry file (#8966)
  • @remix-run/react - Strengthen the internal LayoutComponent type to accept limited children (#8910)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.8.0...v2.8.1


Date: 2024-02-28

Minor Changes

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Pass resolved viteConfig to Remix Vite plugin's buildEnd hook (#8885)

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/dev - Mark Layout as browser safe route export in esbuild compiler (#8842)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Silence build warnings when dependencies include "use client" directives (#8897)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix serverBundles issue where multiple browser manifests are generated (#8864)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Support custom build.assetsDir option (#8843)
  • @remix-run/react - Fix the default root ErrorBoundary component so it leverages the user-provided Layout component (#8859)
  • @remix-run/react - Fix the default root HydrateFallback component so it leverages any user-provided Layout component (#8892)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.7.2...v2.8.0


Date: 2024-02-21

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix error when building projects with .css?url imports (#8829)


Date: 2024-02-20

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/cloudflare-pages - Fix breaking change and restore Cloudflare event context fields in getLoadContext argument for backwards compatibility (#8819)


Date: 2024-02-20

What's Changed

Stabilized Vite Plugin

We're excited to announce that support for Vite is now stable in Remix 2.7.0! Ever since the initial unstable release of Remix Vite, we’ve been hard at work refining and extending it over the past few months with help from all of our early adopters and community contributors. This also means that Vite-only features such as SPA Mode, Server Bundles, and basename support are now officially stable as well 😊.

For more information, check out the blog post and the Vite docs.

New Layout Export

We've found that it's super common to create your own component in your root route to hold the shared layout/app shell between your Component/ErrorBoundary/HydrateFallback. This is so common (and can also cause some minor edge-case issues such as a FOUC on hydration) that we've incorporated this as a first-class API in 2.7.0.

You can now export an optional Layout component from your root route which will be provided your route component, ErrorBoundary, or HydrateFallback as it's children. For more information, please see the Layout docs and the RFC.

Basename support

React Router has long supported a basename config that allows you to serve your app within a subpath such as http://localhost/myapp/* without having to include the /myapp segment in all of your route paths. This was originally omitted from Remix because v1 nested folders file-convention made it pretty easy to put your route files in a routes/myapp/ folder, giving you the same functionality. There has also been an open proposal from the community to add this functionality.

Two things have since changed that made us reconsider the lack of basename support:

  • We switched to a flat-file based convention in v2, and it gets far less ergonomic to have to prefix all of your route files with myapp. compared to the nested folder convention
  • We moved to Vite which has it's own base config which is often (and easily) confused with the concept of a React Router basename (when in reality it's more aligned with the old Remix publicPath config)

In 2.7.0 we've added support for a basename in the Vite plugin config. For more information, please check out the basename docs.

Note: This is a Vite-only feature and is not available via the esbuild compiler.

Cloudflare Proxy as a Vite Plugin

⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects relying on Cloudflare support from the unstable Vite plugin

The Cloudflare preset (unstable_cloudflarePreset) as been removed and replaced with a new Vite plugin:

 import {
    unstable_vitePlugin as remix,
-   unstable_cloudflarePreset as cloudflare,
+   cloudflareDevProxyVitePlugin as remixCloudflareDevProxy,
  } from "@remix-run/dev";
  import { defineConfig } from "vite";

  export default defineConfig({
    plugins: [
+     remixCloudflareDevProxy(),
+     remix(),
-     remix({
-       presets: [cloudflare()],
-     }),
-   ssr: {
-     resolve: {
-       externalConditions: ["workerd", "worker"],
-     },
-   },

A few notes on the new plugin:

  • remixCloudflareDevProxy must come before the remix plugin so that it can override Vite's dev server middleware to be compatible with Cloudflare's proxied environment
  • Because it is a Vite plugin, remixCloudflareDevProxy can set ssr.resolve.externalConditions to be workerd-compatible for you
  • remixCloudflareDevProxy accepts a getLoadContext function that replaces the old getRemixDevLoadContext
  • If you were using a nightly version that required getBindingsProxy or getPlatformProxy, that is no longer required
  • Any options you were passing to getBindingsProxy or getPlatformProxy should now be passed to remixCloudflareDevProxy instead
  • This API also better aligns with future plans to support Cloudflare with a framework-agnostic Vite plugin that makes use of Vite's (experimental) Runtime API.

Minor Changes

  • @remix-run/react - Allow an optional Layout export from the root route (#8709)
  • @remix-run/cloudflare-pages - Make getLoadContext optional for Cloudflare Pages (#8701)
    • Defaults to (context) => ({ env: context }), which is what we used to have in all the templates
    • This gives parity with the Cloudflare preset for the Remix Vite plugin and keeps our templates leaner
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Cloudflare Proxy as a Vite plugin (#8749)
    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects relying on Cloudflare support from the unstable Vite plugin
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add a new basename option to the Vite plugin, allowing users to set the internal React Router basename in order to to serve their applications underneath a subpath (#8145)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Stabilize the Remix Vite plugin, Cloudflare preset, and all related types by removing all unstable_ / Unstable_ prefixes (#8713)
    • While this is a breaking change for existing Remix Vite plugin consumers, now that the plugin has stabilized, there will no longer be any breaking changes outside of a major release. Thank you to all of our early adopters and community contributors for helping us get here! 🙏
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Stabilize "SPA Mode" by renaming the Remix vite plugin config from unstable_ssr -> ssr (#8692)

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/express - Use req.originalUrl instead of req.url so that Remix sees the full URL (#8145)
    • Remix relies on the knowing the full URL to ensure that server and client code can function together, and does not support URL rewriting prior to the Remix handler
  • @remix-run/react - Fix a bug with SPA mode when the root route had no children (#8747)
  • @remix-run/server-runtime - Add a more specific error if a user returns a defer response from a resource route (#8726)
  • @remix-run/dev - Always prepend DOCTYPE in SPA mode entry.server.tsx, can opt out via remix reveal (#8725)
  • @remix-run/dev - Fix build issue in SPA mode when using a basename (#8720)
  • @remix-run/dev - Fix type error in Remix config for synchronous routes function (#8745)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix issue where client route file requests fail if search params have been parsed and serialized before reaching the Remix Vite plugin (#8740)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Validate that the MDX Rollup plugin, if present, is placed before Remix in Vite config (#8690)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix issue resolving critical CSS during development when the current working directory differs from the project root (#8752)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Require version 5.1.0 to support .css?url imports (#8723)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Support Vite 5.1.0's .css?url imports (#8684)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Enable use of vite preview to preview Remix SPA applications (#8624)
    • In the SPA template, npm run start has been renamed to npm run preview which uses vite preview instead of a standalone HTTP server such as http-server or serv-cli
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Remove the ability to pass publicPath as an option to the Remix vite plugin (#8145)
    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects using the unstable Vite plugin with a publicPath
    • This is already handled in Vite via the base config so we now set the Remix publicPath from the Vite base config
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Enable HMR for .md and .mdx files (#8711)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: reliably detect non-root routes in Windows (#8806)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Pass remixUserConfig to preset remixConfig hook (#8797)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Ensure CSS file URLs that are only referenced in the server build are available on the client (#8796)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: fix server exports dead-code elimination for routes outside of app directory (#8795)

Updated Dependencies

Changes by Package

Full Changelog: v2.6.0...v2.7.0


Date: 2024-02-01

What's Changed

Unstable Vite Plugin updates

As we continue moving towards stabilizing the Vite plugin, we've introduced a few breaking changes to the unstable Vite plugin in this release. Please read the @remix-run/dev changes below closely and update your app accordingly if you've opted into using the Vite plugin.

We've also removed the unstable_ prefix from the serverBundles option as we're now confident in the API (#8596).

🎉 And last, but certainly not least - we've added much anticipated Cloudflare support in #8531! To get started with Cloudflare, you can use the unstable-vite-cloudflare template:

npx create-remix@latest --template remix-run/remix/templates/unstable-vite-cloudflare

For more information, please refer to the docs at Future > Vite > Cloudflare and Future > Vite > Migrating > Migrating Cloudflare Functions.

Minor Changes

  • @remix-run/server-runtime - Add future.v3_throwAbortReason flag to throw request.signal.reason when a request is aborted instead of an Error such as new Error("query() call aborted: GET /path") (#8251)

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/server-runtime - Unwrap thrown Response's from entry.server into ErrorResponse's and preserve the status code (#8577)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add manifest option to Vite plugin to enable writing a .remix/manifest.json file to the build directory (#8575)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for consumers of the Vite plugin's "server bundles" feature
    • The build/server/bundles.json file has been superseded by the more general build/.remix/manifest.json
    • While the old server bundles manifest was always written to disk when generating server bundles, the build manifest file must be explicitly enabled via the manifest option
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Rely on Vite plugin ordering (#8627)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects using the unstable Vite plugin

    • The Remix plugin expects to process JavaScript or TypeScript files, so any transpilation from other languages must be done first.

    • For example, that means putting the MDX plugin before the Remix plugin:

        import mdx from "@mdx-js/rollup";
        import { unstable_vitePlugin as remix } from "@remix-run/dev";
        import { defineConfig } from "vite";
        export default defineConfig({
          plugins: [
      +     mdx(),
      -     mdx(),
    • Previously, the Remix plugin misused enforce: "post" from Vite's plugin API to ensure that it ran last

    • However, this caused other unforeseen issues

    • Instead, we now rely on standard Vite semantics for plugin ordering

    • The official Vite React SWC plugin also relies on plugin ordering for MDX

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Remove interop with <LiveReload />, rely on <Scripts /> instead (#8636)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects using the unstable Vite plugin

    • Vite provides a robust client-side runtime for development features like HMR, making the <LiveReload /> component obsolete

    • In fact, having a separate dev scripts component was causing issues with script execution order

    • To work around this, the Remix Vite plugin used to override <LiveReload /> into a bespoke implementation that was compatible with Vite

    • Instead of all this indirection, now the Remix Vite plugin instructs the <Scripts /> component to automatically include Vite's client-side runtime and other dev-only scripts

    • To adopt this change, you can remove the LiveReload component from your root.tsx component:

        import {
      -   LiveReload,
        export default function App() {
          return (
                <Outlet />
                <Scripts />
      -         <LiveReload />
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Only write Vite manifest files if build.manifest is enabled within the Vite config (#8599)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for consumers of Vite's manifest.json files

    • To explicitly enable generation of Vite manifest files, you must set build.manifest to true in your Vite config:

      export default defineConfig({
        build: { manifest: true },
        // ...
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add new buildDirectory option with a default value of "build" (#8575)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for consumers of the Vite plugin that were using the assetsBuildDirectory and serverBuildDirectory options

    • This replaces the old assetsBuildDirectory and serverBuildDirectory options which defaulted to "build/client" and "build/server" respectively

    • The Remix Vite plugin now builds into a single directory containing client and server directories

    • If you've customized your build output directories, you'll need to migrate to the new buildDirectory option, e.g.:

      import { unstable_vitePlugin as remix } from "@remix-run/dev";
      import { defineConfig } from "vite";
      export default defineConfig({
        plugins: [
      -      serverBuildDirectory: "dist/server",
      -      assetsBuildDirectory: "dist/client",
      +      buildDirectory: "dist",
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Write Vite manifest files to build/.vite directory rather than being nested within build/client and build/server directories (#8599)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for consumers of Vite's manifest.json files
    • Vite manifest files are now written to the Remix build directory
    • Since all Vite manifests are now in the same directory, they're no longer named manifest.json
    • Instead, they're named build/.vite/client-manifest.json and build/.vite/server-manifest.json, or build/.vite/server-{BUNDLE_ID}-manifest.json when using server bundles
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Remove unstable prefix from serverBundles option (#8596)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add --sourcemapClient and --sourcemapServer flags to remix vite:build (#8613)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Validate IDs returned from the serverBundles function to ensure they only contain alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores (#8598)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix "could not fast refresh" false alarm (#8580)

    • HMR is already functioning correctly but was incorrectly logging that it "could not fast refresh" on internal client routes
    • Now internal client routes correctly register Remix exports like meta for fast refresh, which removes the false alarm.
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Cloudflare Pages support (#8531)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add getRemixDevLoadContext option to Cloudflare preset (#8649)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Remove undocumented backwards compatibility layer for Vite v4 (#8581)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add presets option to ease integration with different platforms and tools (#8514)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add buildEnd hook (#8620)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Add mode field into generated server build (#8539)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Reduce network calls for route modules during HMR (#8591)

  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Export Unstable_ServerBundlesFunction and Unstable_VitePluginConfig types (#8654)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.5.1...v2.6.0


Date: 2024-01-18

Patch Changes

  • create-remix - high-contrast fg/bg for header colors (#8503)
    • bgWhite and whiteBright are the same color in many terminal colorthemes, which was causing it to render as illegible white-on-white
  • @remix-run/dev - Add isSpaMode to @remix-run/dev/server-build virtual module (#8492)
  • @remix-run/dev - SPA Mode: Automatically prepend <!DOCTYPE html> if not present to fix quirks mode warnings for SPA template (#8495)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Errors for server-only code point to new docs (#8488)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Fix HMR race condition when reading changed file contents (#8479)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Tree-shake unused route exports in the client build (#8468)
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Performance profiling (#8493)
    • Run remix vite:build --profile to generate a .cpuprofile that can be shared or uploaded to
    • In dev, press p + enter to start a new profiling session or stop the current session
    • If you need to profile dev server startup, run remix vite:dev --profile to initialize the dev server with a running profiling session
    • For more, see the new Vite > Performance docs
  • @remix-run/dev - Vite: Improve performance of dev server requests by invalidating Remix's virtual modules on relevant file changes rather than on every request (#8164)
  • @remix-run/react - Remove leftover unstable_ prefix from Blocker/BlockerFunction types (#8530)
  • @remix-run/react - Only use active matches in <Meta>/<Links> in SPA mode (#8538)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.5.0...v2.5.1


Date: 2024-01-11

What's Changed

SPA Mode (unstable)

SPA Mode (RFC) allows you to generate your Remix app as a standalone SPA served from a static index.html file. You can opt into SPA Mode by setting unstable_ssr: false in your Remix Vite plugin config:

// vite.config.ts
import { unstable_vitePlugin as remix } from "@remix-run/dev";
import { defineConfig } from "vite";

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [remix({ unstable_ssr: false })],

Development in SPA Mode is just like a normal Remix app, and still uses the Remix dev server for HMR/HDR:

remix vite:dev

Building in SPA Mode will generate an index.html file in your client assets directory:

remix vite:build

To run your SPA, you serve your client assets directory via an HTTP server:

npx http-server build/client

For more information, please refer to the SPA Mode docs.

Server Bundles (unstable)

This is an advanced feature designed for hosting provider integrations where you may want to split server code into multiple request handlers. When compiling your app into multiple server bundles, there will need to be a custom routing layer in front of your app directing requests to the correct bundle. This feature is currently unstable and only designed to gather early feedback.

You can control the server bundles generated by your Remix Vite build by setting the unstable_serverBundles option in your vite config:

import { unstable_vitePlugin as remix } from "@remix-run/dev";
import { defineConfig } from "vite";

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [
      unstable_serverBundles: ({ branch }) => {
        const isAuthenticatedRoute = branch.some(
          (route) => === "routes/_authenticated"

        return isAuthenticatedRoute ? "authenticated" : "unauthenticated";

Minor Changes

  • Add unstable support for "SPA Mode" (#8457)
  • Add unstable_serverBundles option to Vite plugin to support splitting server code into multiple request handlers (#8332)

Patch Changes

  • create-remix: Only update * versions for Remix dependencies (#8458)
  • remix-serve: Don't try to load sourcemaps if they don't exist on disk (#8446)
  • @remix-run/dev: Fix issue with isbot@4 released on 1/1/2024 (#8415)
    • remix dev will now add "isbot": "^4" to package.json instead of using latest
    • Update built-in entry.server files to work with both isbot@3 and isbot@4 for backwards-compatibility with Remix apps that have pinned isbot@3
    • Templates are updated to use isbot@4 moving forward via create-remix
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Fix HMR issues when altering exports for non-rendered routes (#8157)
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Default NODE_ENV to "production" when running remix vite:build command (#8405)
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Remove Vite plugin config option serverBuildPath in favor of separate serverBuildDirectory and serverBuildFile options (#8332)
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Loosen strict route exports restriction, reinstating support for non-Remix route exports (#8420)
  • @remix-run/react: Vite - Fix type conflict with from the existing Remix compiler (#8459)
  • @remix-run/server-runtime: Updated cookie dependency to 0.6.0 to inherit support for the Partitioned attribute (#8375)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.4.1...v2.5.0


Date: 2023-12-22

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Remove unstable_viteServerBuildModuleId in favor of manually referencing virtual module name "virtual:remix/server-build" (#8264)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects using the unstable Vite plugin with a custom server

    • This change was made to avoid issues where @remix-run/dev could be inadvertently required in your server's production dependencies.

    • Instead, you should manually write the virtual module name "virtual:remix/server-build" when calling ssrLoadModule in development.

      -import { unstable_viteServerBuildModuleId } from "@remix-run/dev";
      // ...
          build: vite
      -      ? () => vite.ssrLoadModule(unstable_viteServerBuildModuleId)
      +      ? () => vite.ssrLoadModule("virtual:remix/server-build")
            : await import("./build/server/index.js"),
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Add vite:dev and vite:build commands to the Remix CLI (#8211)

    • In order to handle upcoming Remix features where your plugin options can impact the number of Vite builds required, you should now run your Vite dev and build processes via the Remix CLI.

        "scripts": {
      -    "dev": "vite dev",
      -    "build": "vite build && vite build --ssr"
      +    "dev": "remix vite:dev",
      +    "build": "remix vite:build"
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Error messages when .server files are referenced by client (#8267)

    • Previously, referencing a .server module from client code resulted in an error message like:
      • The requested module '/app/models/answer.server.ts' does not provide an export named 'isDateType'
    • This was confusing because answer.server.ts does provide the isDateType export, but Remix was replacing .server modules with empty modules (export {}) for the client build
    • Now, Remix explicitly fails at compile time when a .server module is referenced from client code and includes dedicated error messages depending on whether the import occurs in a route or a non-route module
    • The error messages also include links to relevant documentation
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Preserve names for exports from .client modules (#8200)

    • Unlike .server modules, the main idea is not to prevent code from leaking into the server build since the client build is already public
    • Rather, the goal is to isolate the SSR render from client-only code
    • Routes need to import code from .client modules without compilation failing and then rely on runtime checks or otherwise ensure that execution only happens within a client-only context (e.g. event handlers, useEffect)
    • Replacing .client modules with empty modules would cause the build to fail as ESM named imports are statically analyzed
      • So instead, we preserve the named export but replace each exported value with undefined
      • That way, the import is valid at build time and standard runtime checks can be used to determine if the code is running on the server or client
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Disable watch mode in Vite child compiler during build (#8342)

  • @remix-run/dev: Vite - Show warning when source maps are enabled in production build (#8222)

  • @remix-run/react: Propagate server loader errors through serverLoader in hydrating clientLoader's (#8304)

  • @remix-run/react Re-export Response helpers (defer/json/redirect/redirectDocument) through @remix-run/react for use in clientLoader/clientAction (#8351)

  • @remix-run/server-runtime: Add optional error to ServerRuntimeMetaArgs type to align with MetaArgs (#8238)

  • create-remix: Switch to using @remix-run/web-fetch instead of node-fetch inside the create-remix CLI (#7345)

  • remix-serve: Use node fileURLToPath to convert source map URL to path (#8321)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.4.0...v2.4.1


Date: 2023-12-13

What's Changed

Client Data

We're excited to land the Client Data RFC in this release! The final API differs slightly from the RFC, so please check out the docs for use-cases and final APIs:

While we still recommend server loaders/actions for the majority of your data needs in a Remix app - these provide some levers you can pull for more advanced use-cases such as:

  • Skip the Hop: Query a data API directly from the browser, using loaders simply for SSR
  • Fullstack State: Augment server data with client data for your full set of loader data
  • One or the Other: Sometimes you use server loaders, sometimes you use client loaders, but not both on one route
  • Client Cache: Cache server loader data in the client and avoid some server calls
  • Migration: Ease your migration from React Router -> Remix SPA -> Remix SSR


We introduced a future.v3_relativeSplatPath flag to implement a breaking bug fix to relative routing when inside a splat route. For more information, please see the React Router 6.21.0 Release Notes and the useResolvedPath docs

Vite Updates (Unstable)

Remix now excludes modules within .server directories from client build.

Remix now enforces strict route exports, and will will throw an error if you have unsupported exports in your route modules. Previously, the Remix compiler would allow any export from routes. While this was convenient, it was also a common source of bugs that were hard to track down because they only surfaced at runtime. For more information, please see the docs.

Minor Changes

  • Add support for clientLoader/clientAction/HydrateFallback route exports (#8173)
  • Add a new future.v3_relativeSplatPath flag to implement a breaking bug fix to relative routing when inside a splat route (#8216)
  • Deprecate DataFunctionArgs in favor of LoaderFunctionArgs/ActionFunctionArgs (#8173)
    • This is aimed at keeping the types aligned across server/client loaders/actions now that clientLoader/clientActon functions have serverLoader/serverAction parameters which differentiate ClientLoaderFunctionArgs/ClientActionFunctionArgs
  • Vite: Exclude modules within .server directories from client build (#8154)
  • Vite: Strict route exports (#8171)

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/server-runtime: Fix flash of unstyled content for non-Express custom servers in Vite dev (#8076)

  • @remix-run/server-runtime: Pass request handler errors to vite.ssrFixStacktrace in Vite dev to ensure stack traces correctly map to the original source code (#8066)

  • remix-serve: Fix source map loading when file has ?t=timestamp suffix (rebuilds) (#8174)

  • @remix-run/dev: Change Vite build output paths to fix a conflict between how Vite and the Remix compiler each manage the public directory (#8077)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects using the unstable Vite plugin
    • The server is now compiled into build/server rather than build, and the client is now compiled into build/client rather than public
    • For more information on the changes and guidance on how to migrate your project, refer to the updated Remix Vite documentation
  • @remix-run/dev: Upgrade Vite peer dependency range to v5 (#8172)

  • @remix-run/dev: Support HMR for routes with handle export in Vite dev (#8022)

  • @remix-run/dev: Fix flash of unstyled content for non-Express custom servers in Vite dev (#8076)

  • @remix-run/dev: Bundle CSS imported in client entry file in Vite plugin (#8143)

  • @remix-run/dev: Remove undocumented legacyCssImports option from Vite plugin due to issues with ?url imports of CSS files not being processed correctly in Vite (#8096)

  • @remix-run/dev: Vite: fix access to default entry.{client,server}.tsx within pnpm workspaces on Windows (#8057)

  • @remix-run/dev: Remove unstable_createViteServer and unstable_loadViteServerBuild which were only minimal wrappers around Vite's createServer and ssrLoadModule functions when using a custom server (#8120)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects using the unstable Vite plugin with a custom server

    • Instead, we now provide unstable_viteServerBuildModuleId so that custom servers interact with Vite directly rather than via Remix APIs, for example:

      -import {
      -  unstable_createViteServer,
      -  unstable_loadViteServerBuild,
      -} from "@remix-run/dev";
      +import { unstable_viteServerBuildModuleId } from "@remix-run/dev";

      Creating the Vite server in middleware mode:

      const vite =
        process.env.NODE_ENV === "production"
          ? undefined
      -    : await unstable_createViteServer();
      +    : await import("vite").then(({ createServer }) =>
      +        createServer({
      +          server: {
      +            middlewareMode: true,
      +          },
      +        })
      +      );

      Loading the Vite server build in the request handler:

          build: vite
      -      ? () => unstable_loadViteServerBuild(vite)
      +      ? () => vite.ssrLoadModule(unstable_viteServerBuildModuleId)
            : await import("./build/server/index.js"),
  • @remix-run/dev: Pass request handler errors to vite.ssrFixStacktrace in Vite dev to ensure stack traces correctly map to the original source code (#8066)

  • @remix-run/dev: Vite: Preserve names for exports from .client imports (#8200)

    • Unlike .server modules, the main idea is not to prevent code from leaking into the server build since the client build is already public
    • Rather, the goal is to isolate the SSR render from client-only code
    • Routes need to import code from .client modules without compilation failing and then rely on runtime checks to determine if the code is running on the server or client
    • Replacing .client modules with empty modules would cause the build to fail as ESM named imports are statically analyzed
      • So instead, we preserve the named export but replace each exported value with an empty object
      • That way, the import is valid at build time and the standard runtime checks can be used to determine if then code is running on the server or client
  • @remix-run/dev: Add @remix-run/node to Vite's optimizeDeps.include array (#8177)

  • @remix-run/dev: Improve Vite plugin performance (#8121)

    • Parallelize detection of route module exports
    • Disable server.preTransformRequests in Vite child compiler since it's only used to process route modules
  • @remix-run/dev: Remove automatic global Node polyfill installation from the built-in Vite dev server and instead allow explicit opt-in (#8119)

    • ⚠️ This is a breaking change for projects using the unstable Vite plugin without a custom server

    • If you're not using a custom server, you should call installGlobals in your Vite config instead.

      import { unstable_vitePlugin as remix } from "@remix-run/dev";
      +import { installGlobals } from "@remix-run/node";
      import { defineConfig } from "vite";
      export default defineConfig({
        plugins: [remix()],
  • @remix-run/dev: Vite: Errors at build-time when client imports .server default export (#8184)

    • Remix already stripped .server file code before ensuring that server code never makes it into the client
    • That results in errors when client code tries to import server code, which is exactly what we want!
    • But those errors were happening at runtime for default imports
    • A better experience is to have those errors happen at build-time so that you guarantee that your users won't hit them
  • @remix-run/dev: Fix request instanceof Request checks when using Vite dev server (#8062)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.3.1...v2.4.0


Date: 2023-11-22

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/dev: Support nonce prop on LiveReload component in Vite dev (#8014)
  • @remix-run/dev: Ensure code-split JS files in the server build's assets directory aren't cleaned up after Vite build (#8042)
  • @remix-run/dev: Fix redundant copying of assets from public directory in Vite build (#8039)
    • This ensures that static assets aren't duplicated in the server build directory
    • This also fixes an issue where the build would break if assetsBuildDirectory was deeply nested within the public directory

Updated Dependencies

Changes by Package

Full Changelog: v2.3.0...v2.3.1


Date: 2023-11-16

What's Changed

Stabilized useBlocker

We've removed the unstable_ prefix from the useBlocker hook as it's been in use for enough time that we are confident in the API. We do not plan to remove the prefix from unstable_usePrompt due to differences in how browsers handle window.confirm that prevent React Router from guaranteeing consistent/correct behavior.

unstable_flushSync API

We've added a new unstable_flushSync option to the imperative APIs (useSubmit, useNavigate, fetcher.submit, fetcher.load) to let users opt-into synchronous DOM updates for pending/optimistic UI.

function handleClick() {
  submit(data, { flushSync: true });
  // Everything is flushed to the DOM so you can focus/scroll to your pending/optimistic UI

Minor Changes

  • Remove the unstable_ prefix from the useBlocker hook (#7882)
  • Add unstable_flushSync option to useNavigate/useSubmit/fetcher.load/fetcher.submit to opt-out of React.startTransition and into ReactDOM.flushSync for state updates (#7996)

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/react: Add missing modulepreload for the manifest (#7684)
  • @remix-run/server-runtime: Updated cookie dependency from 0.4.1 to 0.5.0 to inherit support for Priority attribute in Chrome (#6770)
  • @remix-run/dev: Fix FutureConfig type (#7895)
  • Lots of small fixes for the unstable vite compiler:
    • Support optional rendering of the LiveReload component in Vite dev (#7919)
    • Support rendering of the LiveReload component after Scripts in Vite dev (#7919)
    • Fix react-refresh/babel resolution for custom server with pnpm (#7904)
    • Support JSX usage in .jsx files without manual React import in Vite (#7888)
    • Fix Vite production builds when plugins that have different local state between development and production modes are present (e.g. @mdx-js/rollup) (#7911)
    • Cache resolution of Remix Vite plugin options (#7908)
    • Support Vite 5 (#7846)
    • Allow process.env.NODE_ENV values other than "development" in Vite dev (#7980)
    • Attach CSS from shared chunks to routes in Vite build (#7952)
    • Let Vite handle serving files outside of project root via /@fs (#7913)
      • This fixes errors when using default client entry or server entry in a pnpm project where those files may be outside of the project root, but within the workspace root
      • By default, Vite prevents access to files outside the workspace root (when using workspaces) or outside of the project root (when not using workspaces) unless user explicitly opts into it via Vite's server.fs.allow
    • Improve performance of LiveReload proxy in Vite dev (#7883)
    • Deduplicate @remix-run/react (#7926)
      • Pre-bundle Remix dependencies to avoid Remix router duplicates
      • Our remix-react-proxy plugin does not process default client and server entry files since those come from within node_modules
      • That means that before Vite pre-bundles dependencies (e.g. first time dev server is run) mismatching Remix routers cause Error: You must render this element inside a <Remix> element
    • Fix React Fast Refresh error on load when using defer in Vite dev server (#7842)
    • Handle multiple Set-Cookie headers in Vite dev server (#7843)
    • Fix flash of unstyled content on initial page load in Vite dev when using a custom Express server (#7937)
    • Populate process.env from .env files on the server in Vite dev (#7958)
    • Emit assets that were only referenced in the server build into the client assets directory in Vite build (#7892, cherry-picked in 8cd31d65)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.2.0...v2.3.0


Date: 2023-10-31

What's Changed


Remix 2.2.0 adds unstable support for Vite for Node-based apps! See our announcement blog post and the Future > Vite page in the Remix docs for more details.

You can try it out today with two new (unstable) templates:

# minimal server
npx create-remix@latest --template remix-run/remix/templates/unstable-vite

# custom server (Express example)
npx create-remix@latest --template remix-run/remix/templates/unstable-vite-express
  • New APIs in @remix-run/dev
    • unstable_vitePlugin: The new Remix Vite plugin
    • unstable_createViteServer: Creates a Vite server in middleware mode for interop with custom servers
    • unstable_loadViteServerBuild: Allows your custom server to delegate SSR requests to Vite during development
  • Changed APIs
    • createRequestHandler: Now also allows the build argument to be a function that will be used to dynamically load new builds for each request during development
  • Other Runtimes
    • Deno support is untested, but should work through Deno's Node/npm interop
    • CloudFlare support is not yet available

New Fetcher APIs

Per this RFC, we've introduced some new APIs that give you more granular control over your fetcher behaviors:

  • You may now specify your own fetcher identifier via useFetcher({ key: string }), which allows you to access the same fetcher instance from different components in your application without prop-drilling
  • Fetcher keys are now exposed on the fetchers returned from useFetchers so that they can be looked up by key
  • Form and useSubmit now support optional navigate/fetcherKey props/params to allow kicking off a fetcher submission under the hood with an optionally user-specified key
    • <Form method="post" navigate={false} fetcherKey="my-key">
    • submit(data, { method: "post", navigate: false, fetcherKey: "my-key" })
    • Invoking a fetcher in this way is ephemeral and stateless
    • If you need to access the state of one of these fetchers, you will need to leverage useFetchers() or useFetcher({ key }) to look it up elsewhere

Persistence Future Flag

Per the same RFC as above, we've introduced a new future.v3_fetcherPersist flag that allows you to opt-into the new fetcher persistence/cleanup behavior. Instead of being immediately cleaned up on unmount, fetchers will persist until they return to an idle state. This makes pending/optimistic UI much easier in scenarios where the originating fetcher needs to unmount.

  • This is sort of a long-standing bug fix as the useFetchers() API was always supposed to only reflect in-flight fetcher information for pending/optimistic UI -- it was not intended to reflect fetcher data or hang onto fetchers after they returned to an idle state
  • Keep an eye out for the following specific behavioral changes when opting into this flag and check your app for compatibility:
    • Fetchers that complete while still mounted will no longer appear in useFetchers() after completion - they served no purpose in there since you can access the data via useFetcher().data
    • Fetchers that previously unmounted while in-flight will not be immediately aborted and will instead be cleaned up once they return to an idle state
      • They will remain exposed via useFetchers while in-flight so you can still access pending/optimistic data after unmount
      • If a fetcher is no longer mounted when it completes, then it's result will not be post processed - e.g., redirects will not be followed and errors will not bubble up in the UI
      • However, if a fetcher was re-mounted elsewhere in the tree using the same key, then it's result will be processed, even if the originating fetcher was unmounted

Minor Changes

  • Unstable vite support (#7590)
  • New fetcher key APIs and navigate/fetcherKey params for navigational APIs (#10960)
  • New future.v3_fetcherPersist flag (#10962)

Patch Changes

  • @remix-run/express: Allow the Express adapter to work behind a proxy when using app.enable('trust proxy') (#7323)
    • Previously, this used req.get('host') to construct the Remix Request, but that does not respect X-Forwarded-Host
    • This now uses req.hostname which will respect X-Forwarded-Host
  • @remix-run/react: Fix warning that could be inadvertently logged when using route files with no default export (#7745)
  • create-remix: Support local tarballs with a .tgz extension which allows direct support for pnpm pack tarballs (#7649)
  • create-remix: Default the Remix app version to the version of create-remix being used (#7670)
    • This most notably enables easier usage of tags, e.g. npm create remix@nightly

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.1.0...v2.2.0


Date: 2023-10-16

What's Changed

View Transitions

We're excited to release experimental support for the the View Transitions API in Remix! You can now trigger navigational DOM updates to be wrapped in document.startViewTransition to enable CSS animated transitions on SPA navigations in your application.

The simplest approach to enabling a View Transition in your Remix app is via the new <Link unstable_viewTransition> prop. This will cause the navigation DOM update to be wrapped in document.startViewTransition which will enable transitions for the DOM update. Without any additional CSS styles, you'll get a basic cross-fade animation for your page.

If you need to apply more fine-grained styles for your animations, you can leverage the unstable_useViewTransitionState hook which will tell you when a transition is in progress and you can use that to apply classes or styles:

function ImageLink(to, src, alt) {
  const isTransitioning = unstable_useViewTransitionState(to);
  return (
    <Link to={to} unstable_viewTransition>
          viewTransitionName: isTransitioning ? "image-expand" : "",

You can also use the <NavLink unstable_viewTransition> shorthand which will manage the hook usage for you and automatically add a transitioning class to the <a> during the transition:

a.transitioning img {
  view-transition-name: "image-expand";
<NavLink to={to} unstable_viewTransition>
  <img src={src} alt={alt} />

For an example usage of View Transitions, check out our fork of the Astro Records demo (which uses React Router but so does Remix 😉).

For more information on using the View Transitions API, please refer to the Smooth and simple transitions with the View Transitions API guide from the Google Chrome team.

Stable createRemixStub

After real-world experience, we're confident in the createRemixStub API and ready to commit to it, so in 2.1.0 we've removed the unstable_ prefix.

⚠️ Please note that this did involve 1 small breaking change - the <RemixStub remixConfigFuture> prop has been renamed to <RemixStub future> to decouple the future prop from a specific file location.

Minor Changes

  • Added unstable support for the View Transition API (#10916)
  • Stabilized the @remix-run/testing createRemixStub helper (#7647)

Patch Changes

  • Emulate types for JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(x)) in SerializeFrom (#7605)
    • Notably, type fields that are only assignable to undefined after serialization are now omitted since JSON.stringify |> JSON.parse will omit them. See test cases for examples
    • This fixes type errors when upgrading to v2 from 1.19
  • Avoid mutating meta object when tagName is specified (#7594)
  • Fix FOUC on subsequent client-side navigations to route.lazy routes (#7576)
  • Export the proper Remix useMatches wrapper to fix UIMatch typings (#7551)
  • @remix-run/cloudflare - sourcemap takes into account special chars in output file (#7574)
  • @remix-run/express - Flush headers for text/event-stream responses (#7619)

Updated Dependencies

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Full Changelog: v2.0.1...v2.1.0


Date: 2023-09-21

Patch Changes

  • Fix types for MDX files when using pnpm (#7491)
  • Update getDependenciesToBundle to handle ESM packages without main exports (#7272)
    • Note that these packages must expose package.json in their exports field so that their path can be resolved
  • Fix server builds where serverBuildPath extension is .cjs (#7180)
  • Fix HMR for CJS projects using remix-serve and manual mode (remix dev --manual) (#7487)
    • By explicitly busting the require cache, remix-serve now correctly re-imports new server changes in CJS
    • ESM projects were already working correctly and are not affected by this.
  • Fix error caused by partially written server build (#7470)
    • Previously, it was possible to trigger a reimport of the app server code before the new server build had completely been written. Reimporting the partially written server build caused issues related to build.assets being undefined and crashing when reading build.assets.version
  • Add second generic to UIMatch for handle field (#7464)
  • Fix resource routes being loaded through route.lazy (#7498)
  • Throw a semantically correct 405 ErrorResponse instead of just an Error when submitting to a route without an action (#7423)
  • Update to latest version of @remix-run/web-fetch (#7477)
  • Switch from crypto.randomBytes to crypto.webcrypto.getRandomValues for file session storage ID generation (#7203)
  • Use native Blob class instead of polyfill (#7217)

Changes by Package 🔗

Full Changelog: v2.0.0...v2.0.1


Date: 2023-09-15

We're so excited to release Remix v2 to you and we really hope this upgrade is one of the smoothest framework upgrades you've ever experienced! That was our primary goal with v2 - something we aimed to achieve through a heavy use of deprecation warnings and Future Flags in Remix v1.

If you are on the latest 1.x version and you've enabled all future flags and addressed all console warnings, then our hope is that you are 90% of the way to being upgraded for v2. There are always going to be a few things that we can't put behind a flag (like breaking type changes) or come up at the very last moment and don't have time to add as a warning or flag in 1.x.

If you're not yet on the latest 1.x version we'd recommend first upgrading to that and resolving any flag/console warnings:

> npx upgrade-remix 1.19.3

Breaking Changes

Below is a very concise list of the breaking changes in v2.

  • For the most thorough discussion of breaking changes, please read the Upgrading to v2 guide. This document provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the breaking changes that come along with v2 - and instructions on how to adapt your application to handle them
  • For additional details, you can refer to the Changes by Package section below

Upgraded Dependency Requirements

Remix v2 has upgraded it's minimum version support for React and Node and now officially requires:

Removed Future Flags

The following future flags were removed and their behavior is now the default - you can remove all of these from your remix.config.js file.

  • v2_dev - New dev server with HMR+HDR (#7002)
    • If you had configurations in future.v2_dev instead of just the boolean value (i.e., future.v2_dev.port), you can lift them into a root dev object in your remix.config.js
  • v2_errorBoundary - Removed CatchBoundary in favor of a singular ErrorBoundary (#6906)
  • v2_headers - Altered the logic for headers in nested route scenarios (#6979)
  • v2_meta - Altered the return format of meta() (#6958)
  • v2_normalizeFormMethod - Normalize formMethod APIs to uppercase (#6875)
  • v2_routeConvention - Routes use a flat route convention by default now (#6969)

Breaking Changes/API Removals

With deprecation warnings

The following lists other breaking changes/API removals which had deprecation warnings in Remix v1. If you're on the latest 1.19.3 release without any console warnings, then you're probably good to go on all of these!

Without deprecation warnings

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get a deprecation warning on every breaking change or API removal 🙃. Here's a list of remaining changes that you may need to look into to upgrade to v2:

  • remix.config.js
  • @remix-run/cloudflare
    • Remove createCloudflareKVSessionStorage (#6898)
    • Drop @cloudflare/workers-types v2 & v3 support (#6925)
  • @remix-run/dev
    • Removed REMIX_DEV_HTTP_ORIGIN in favor of REMIX_DEV_ORIGIN (#6963)
    • Removed REMIX_DEV_SERVER_WS_PORT in favor of dev.port or --port (#6965)
    • Removed --no-restart/restart flag in favor of --manual/manual (#6962)
    • Removed --scheme/scheme and --host/host in favor of REMIX_DEV_ORIGIN instead (#6962)
    • Removed the codemod command (#6918)
  • @remix-run/eslint-config
    • Remove @remix-run/eslint-config/jest config (#6903)
    • Remove magic imports ESLint warnings (#6902)
  • @remix-run/netlify
  • @remix-run/node
    • fetch is no longer polyfilled by default - apps must call installGlobals() to install the polyfills (#7009)
    • fetch and related APIs are no longer exported from @remix-run/node - apps should use the versions in the global namespace (#7293)
    • Apps must call sourceMapSupport.install() to setup source map support
  • @remix-run/react
    • Remove unstable_shouldReload in favor of shouldRevalidate (#6865)
  • @remix-run/serve
    • remix-serve picks an open port if 3000 is taken and PORT is not specified (#7278)
    • Integrate manual mode (#7231)
    • Remove undocumented createApp Node API (#7229)
    • Preserve dynamic imports in remix-serve for external bundle (#7173)
  • @remix-run/vercel
    • The @remix-run/vercel adapter has been removed in favor of out of the box functionality provided by Vercel (#7035)
  • create-remix
    • Stop passing isTypeScript to remix.init script (#7099)
  • remix
    • Removed magic exports (#6895)
Breaking Type Changes
  • Removed V2_ prefixes from future.v2_meta types as they are now the default behavior (#6958)
    • V2_MetaArgs -> MetaArgs
    • V2_MetaDescriptor -> MetaDescriptor
    • V2_MetaFunction -> MetaFunction
    • V2_MetaMatch -> MetaMatch
    • V2_MetaMatches -> MetaMatches
    • V2_ServerRuntimeMetaArgs -> ServerRuntimeMetaArgs
    • V2_ServerRuntimeMetaDescriptor -> ServerRuntimeMetaDescriptor
    • V2_ServerRuntimeMetaFunction -> ServerRuntimeMetaFunction
    • V2_ServerRuntimeMetaMatch -> ServerRuntimeMetaMatch
    • V2_ServerRuntimeMetaMatches -> ServerRuntimeMetaMatches
  • The following types were adjusted to prefer unknown over any and to align with underlying React Router types (#7319):
    • Renamed the useMatches() return type from RouteMatch to UIMatch
    • Renamed LoaderArgs/ActionArgs to LoaderFunctionArgs/ActionFunctionArgs
    • AppData changed from any to unknown
    • Location["state"] (useLocation.state) changed from any to unknown
    • UIMatch["data"] (useMatches()[i].data) changed from any to unknown
    • UIMatch["handle"] (useMatches()[i].handle) changed from { [k: string]: any } to unknown
    • Fetcher["data"] (useFetcher().data) changed from any to unknown
    • MetaMatch.handle (used in meta()) changed from any to unknown
    • AppData/RouteHandle are no longer exported as they are just aliases for unknown

New Features

  • New create-remix CLI (#6887)
    • Most notably, this removes the dropdown to choose your template/stack in favor of the --template flag and our ever-growing list of available templates
    • Adds a new --overwrite flag (#7062)
    • Supports the bun package manager (#7074)
  • Detect built mode via build.mode (#6964)
  • Support polyfilling node globals via serverNodeBuiltinsPolyfill.globals/browserNodeBuiltinsPolyfill.globals (#7269)
  • New redirectDocument utility to redirect via a fresh document load (#7040, #6842)
  • Add error to meta params so you can render error titles, etc. (#7105)
  • unstable_createRemixStub now supports adding meta/links functions on stubbed Remix routes (#7186)
    • unstable_createRemixStub no longer supports the element/errorElement properties on routes. You must use Component/ErrorBoundary to match what you would export from a Remix route module.

Other Notable Changes

  • Remix now uses React Router's route.lazy method internally to load route modules on navigations (#7133)
  • Removed the @remix-run/node atob/btoa polyfills in favor of the built-in versions (#7206)
  • Decouple the @remix-run/dev package from the contents of the @remix-run/css-bundle package (#6982)
    • The contents of the @remix-run/css-bundle package are now entirely managed by the Remix compiler. Even though it's still recommended that your Remix dependencies all share the same version, this change ensures that there are no runtime errors when upgrading @remix-run/dev without upgrading @remix-run/css-bundle.
  • remix-serve now picks an open port if 3000 is taken (#7278)
    • If PORT env var is set, remix-serve will use that port
    • Otherwise, remix-serve picks an open port (3000 unless that is already taken)

Updated Dependencies

Changes by Package

Docs and examples licensed under MIT