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Remix CLI

The Remix CLI comes from the @remix-run/dev package. It also includes the compiler. Make sure it is in your package.json devDependencies so it doesn't get deployed to your server.


remix setup

Remix is architected in a way that is not locked to a specific runtime, but this introduces a few challenges in getting your environment setup properly. To make life as easy as possible, we have included the remix setup command that will prepare your node_modules/remix folder; simply include this command in your packages postinstall command (the starter templates already do this):

  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "remix setup"

Now, no matter which platform you're deploying to, you can import everything you need from "remix".

// whether you're on cloudflare workers, node.js, or something
// else everything you need will come from this package.
import {} from "remix";

remix build

Builds your app for production. No need to add NODE_ENV=production to the command.

$ remix build

remix watch

Watches your application files and builds your app for development when files change.

$ remix watch

remix dev

Same as watch but also boots the Remix app server in development mode if it's installed.

$ remix dev