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The Remix community is large and growing rapidly. We're excited you're a part of it. We try hard to keep it a friendly place where people want to hang out and help/be helped. We're all here just trying to build websites and make the web better.

To that end, please keep in mind our code of conduct.



The Remix Discord server is a great place to have conversations, answer and ask questions, all about Remix.

GitHub Discussions

Our GitHub discussions forum is a good place to chat about ideas and approaches you can take with Remix.


You can find (and create) examples in the Remix examples repository.

Community Adapters

You can find Community Adapters in the Adapters section of the documentation.

If you've written your own adapter, and think it will be valuable for others, you can update this list on GitHub.


Here's a list of courses (in no particular order) you can take to help learn Remix:

If you need to learn React first, this free egghead course by Kent C. Dodds has everything you need.

Mailing Lists

You can also subscribe to releases on GitHub.


In addition to the official tutorials, here are Remix tutorials you can follow to learn Remix:


Remix Conf

Remix Conf is a yearly conference all about Remix.


There are Remix Meetups all over the world with thousands of members. Some online, some in person, and some a hybrid of the two. Find them on the Remix Meetup page.


  • Remix Guide - A handy collection of links for things about Remix.
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