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This component renders an anchor tag and is the primary way the user will navigate around your website. Anywhere you would have used <a href="..."> you should now use <Link to="..."/> to get all the performance benefits of client-side routing in Remix.

import { Link } from "@remix-run/react";

export default function GlobalNav() {
  return (
      <Link to="/dashboard">Dashboard</Link>{" "}
      <Link to="/account">Account</Link>{" "}
      <Link to="/support">Support</Link>


In the effort to remove all loading states from your UI, Link can automatically prefetch all the resources the next page needs: JavaScript modules, stylesheets, and data. This prop controls if and when that happens.

  <Link /> {/* defaults to "none" */}
  <Link prefetch="none" />
  <Link prefetch="intent" />
  <Link prefetch="render" />
  <Link prefetch="viewport" />
  • "none" - Default behavior. This will prevent any prefetching from happening. This is recommended when linking to pages that require a user session that the browser won't be able to prefetch anyway.
  • "intent" - Recommended if you want to prefetch. Fetches when Remix thinks the user intends to visit the link. Right now the behavior is simple: if they hover or focus the link it will prefetch the resources. In the future we hope to make this even smarter. Links with large click areas/padding get a bit of a head start. It is worth noting that when using prefetch="intent", <link rel="prefetch"> elements will be inserted on hover/focus and removed if the <Link> loses hover/focus. Without proper cache-control headers on your loaders, this could result in repeated prefetch loads if a user continually hovers on and off a link.
  • "render" - Fetches when the link is rendered.
  • "viewport" - Fetches while the link is in the viewport

You may need to use the :last-of-type selector instead of :last-child when styling child elements inside of your links

Remix uses the browser's cache for prefetching with HTML <link rel="prefetch"/> tags, which provides a lot of subtle benefits (like respecting HTTP cache headers, doing the work in browser idle time, using a different thread than your app, etc.) but the implementation might mess with your CSS since the link tags are rendered inside of your anchor tag. This means a *:last-child {} style selectors won't work. You'll need to change them to a *:last-of-type {} and you should be good. We will eventually get rid of this limitation.

This component is a wrapper around React Router <Link/>. It has the same API except for Remix's prefetch addition. For more information and advanced usage, refer to the React Router docs.

Docs and examples licensed under MIT