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This contains the Remix compiler and CLI. Make sure it is in your package.json devDependencies so it doesn't get deployed to your server.

We have recently removed the legacy Rollup based compiler and have fully made the switch to esbuild. This means the old compiler is deprecated, so please upgrade ASAP :) We hope you enjoy the 30-100x speed improvements to be had with the new toolchains.

New Compiler

remix setup

Remix is architected in a way that is not locked to a specific runtime, but this introduces a few challenges in getting your environment setup properly. To make life as easy as possible we have included the remix setup command that will prepare your node_modules/remix folder; simply include this command in your packages postinstall command:

  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "remix setup"

remix build

Builds your app for production with our new esbuild-based compiler.

$ remix build

remix watch

Watches your application files and builds your app for development when files change with our new esbuild-based compiler.

$ remix watch

remix dev

Same as watch but also boots the Remix app server in development mode.

$ remix dev
Docs and examples licensed under MIT