Welcome to Remix + Vite + shadcn/ui!

📖 See the Remix docs and the Remix Vite docs for details on supported features.

Getting Started

Node Server:

npx create-remix@latest --template jacob-ebey/remix-shadcn

Cloudflare Pages:

npx create-remix@latest --template https://github.com/jacob-ebey/remix-shadcn/tree/cloudflare

Or for a more flushed out template with a login flow and a SQLite database backed by Drizzle ORM:

Node Server:

npx create-remix@latest --template https://github.com/jacob-ebey/remix-shadcn/tree/drizzle

Cloudflare Pages:

npx create-remix@latest --template https://github.com/jacob-ebey/remix-shadcn/tree/drizzle-cloudflare

Built in theme switcher




Run the Vite dev server:

npm run dev


First, build your app for production:

npm run build

Setup your environment:


Then run the app in production mode:

npm start

Now you'll need to pick a host to deploy it to.


If you're familiar with deploying Node applications, the built-in Remix app server is production-ready.

Make sure to deploy the output of npm run build and the server

  • server.js
  • build/server
  • build/client

Take a look at the provided Dockerfile for further details on how to configure a production environment.