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Remix Docs

Getting Started

npx create-remix@latest

We strongly encourage you to do one of the tutorials before anything else. Remix is different. The tutorials will show you how to start with web fundamentals and then progressively enhance your app to the modern UX you're after.


Spend your first few minutes with Remix here and let us introduce some of the core features as quickly as possible. After this you can go explore the docs or dive deeper with the other tutorials. We'll build a little markdown blog with data loading, actions, form validation, redirects, and more.

Jokes App Deep Dive

Dive deep into Remix and full stack development with this app. It's backed by a SQL database, user authentication and session, and of course some modern UI finishes. You'll learn about nested routes, sessions, data loading, data mutations, progressive enhancement, and more. Get a feel for what a data-backed web app feels like with Remix.

Conventional APIs

Remix has a handful of conventions to make web application development a breeze. You'll spend some time in this document when you're first learning Remix, but probably won't need it much after you get your feet wet.

Remix Package API

This is probably the doc page you'll visit the most. It's got all of the Remix package exports that you'll use day-to-day in your app.


GitHub Repository

Follow along and contribute to the development of Remix. We actually love typo PRs.

GitHub Discussions is also the best place to get help when you're stuck. Other folks can post answers for the next person to see.

Remix Examples

Have a look at the various Remix examples made by the community and carefully reviewed by our team.

Discord Server

Join our awesome community of developers for realtime discussion, help, and showing off what you built! Good vibes only.

Docs and examples licensed under MIT