Sébastien Morel

Sébastien Morel

Chief Technology Officer at Crystallize


Sébastien is a passionate and accomplished tech leader and problem-solver with extensive experience in architecture, performance optimizations, development, and system administration. CTO at Crystallize, a super-fast, super modern, super sexy, and super-powerful Headless eCommerce"", he's in charge (among other) of the Developer eXperience initiative.

Previously, he led and grew his former web agency for 18 years working on more than 150 projects successfully and proudly implemented, deployed and maintained. Agnostic of the web technology he's using, Sébastien is also an open source maintainer active in the PHP/Symfony community.

Remix & high performance eCommerce

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Performances are key. That statement is true for any web application but even more for eCommerce applications that convert performances into revenue. Why are eCommerce projects more complex than others? What are the key topics and the special things that you need to take into account when building an eCommerce application in 2022. In this talk we will deep dive into all the things that must be dynamic and how to achieve performances. All explained with a Remix project example.