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March 31, 2022
React Router v6.3.0
Ryan Florence

I love this phrase from the Ember.js community

Stability Without Stagnation

Oftentimes you have to trade stability for stagnation: make the package better but break everybody's apps vs. keep APIs stable but never ship a fundamentally better package.

React Router v6 is our best version yet thanks to React Hooks: better composition, more features, simpler APIs and smaller bundles! However, upgrading a mature app from v5 to v6 all at once is way too disruptive to your project ğŸ˜ž.

That's why we've released a backwards compatibility package for React Router DOM. It lets you run the the new v6 APIs in parallel with your existing v5 code, enabling you to upgrade incrementally. The result is a bunch of tiny commits like this:

+ import { useParams } from "react-router-dom-v5-compat";

  function Project(props) {
-    const { params } = props.match;
+    const { params } = useParams();
     // ...

Change one line of code, commit, and ship. Repeat until you're done. No long-running upgrade branches; no huge time commitments. Spend an hour here and there on the upgrade without disrupting the feature development on your roadmap (or becoming the merge-conflict mentor for your team 😆).

Nothing changes about your v5 code (you don't even change the react-router-dom dependency in package.json), so you can be confident that you aren't accidentally breaking random screens in your app as you incrementally upgrade to v6 APIs.

👉 View the full v5 to v6 upgrading guide

Stability without stagnation. Let us know how it goes!

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