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November 11, 2022

Open Development for Remix

Ryan Florence

Open source and open development don't always go together. I know because I've personally done a lot of open source but not enough open development.

OSS Capital's Joseph Jacks, who led our seed round of funding, said something that has stuck with me ever since he said it:

You are building something that is generationally important

(No pressure 😅)

I believe it. But Remix can't become a generationally important technology without being community driven, and it can't be community driven if it's not developed in the open.

Today we are completely opening up our development process.

  • No invisible roadmap
  • No surprise features
  • No wondering when a bug is going to be fixed
  • No private issue tracker (goodbye Linear 😢 it's not you, it's me).

Public Roadmap

Our Roadmap is now public. It's a GitHub project that shows what we've got planned, in progress, pre-release, and recently shipped. You can easily see if your bug is getting fixed, your pet feature is coming soon, or know when you can try out pre-released features using our nightly builds.

roadmap screenshot

Open Development Process

To make our development community driven, we'll be doing all of our planning in the open and encourage developers using Remix to participate. Here's how features get into the Roadmap.

  1. Contributors (that's anybody!) add a Proposal to Remix Proposals or React Router Proposals.
  2. The Remix Admin Team accepts Proposals in the Roadmap Planning meeting.
    • Proposals are accepted when the Admins create an Issue from the Proposal and add the issue to the Roadmap.
  3. The Admins assign an Owner to the issue.
    • Owners may be contributors from inside or outside of the Remix team
    • Owners are responsible for shipping the feature including all decisions for APIs, behavior, and implementation.
    • Owners organize the work with other contributors for larger issues.
  4. Owners create an RFC from the Proposal and then development can begin.

In other words: Proposal → Roadmap → RFC → Develop → Ship

For more details on how to participate, see the Contributing Page.

Roadmap Planning Live Stream

Not only is the development opening up, but we'll be live streaming our Roadmap Planning meeting too:

  • Watch the stream on our YouTube Channel
  • Remix Admins will review Proposals and verified bugs and add them to the Roadmap.
  • Other members of the Remix team and outside collaborators will often attend.
  • Everybody is invited to participate in our Discord channel #roadmap-livestream-chat

That's it! We'll see you on GitHub 🤗

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