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September 13, 2022
React Router 6.4 Release
Ryan Florence

After several months of development, the data APIs from Remix have arrived for React Router in v6.4.

Feature Overview

The web is a wonderful place where highly dynamic shopping experiences, creative productivity software, and super basic but excellent classified ads are all possible on the same platform.

While these websites are all wildly different, they all have one thing in common: data coupled to URLs. It's not just about data loading either. They all have data mutations, too! React Router 6.4 embraces this reality with new conventions, APIs, and automatic behaviors for:

  • Loading data into components
  • Updating data in components
  • Automatic data revalidation after updates
  • Managing race conditions and interruptions for navigations, mutations, and revalidation
  • Managing errors and rendering something useful to the user
  • Pending UI
  • Skeleton UI with <React.Suspense>
  • and more...

Why Couple Routing and Data?

Most people realize that <Link> renders <a href> underneath, preventing the default browser behavior (sending a document request to the server) and instead changes the URL with JavaScript. It's kinda like this:

function Link({ to }) {
  return (
      onClick={(event) => {

You've definitely written that kind of code yourself, except with a <form>

function NewContactForm({ to }) {
  return (
      onSubmit={(event) => {

Have you ever wondered...

What default event am I preventing here?

Just like <a href>, <form action> also creates a request and sends it to the server when the user submits it. The only difference is a form can send along some data and usually means you want to update your database.

In other words, data mutations with HTML forms are routing events.

It's hard to explain just how much simpler and more capable your code becomes when your router understands the full data lifecycle with data loading (<a href>) and mutations (<form action>). You kind of have to experience it yourself, so take it for a spin today:

Happy routing!

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